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join Nur--NYC based queer Muslim study group

***please forward to any you think will be interested***


Please join us and other queer Muslims in the NYC area interested in
studying progressive interpretations of the Qur'an and the Hadith.
Nur is a new, small, non-judgmental, feminist oriented, trans-friendly
group, welcoming of all LGBTQGNC people who are Muslims, former Muslims, or
interested in converting to Islam. The group will be using English
texts. We are planning to meet once a month beginning in January.

For more information, including the date and location of our meetings,
please write to and tell us a little about
yourself, including your name, your relationship to LGBTQGNC
communities and Muslim communities, and why you're interested in
joining the group. We ask for everyone's support in helping to make
this as safe a space as possible, which includes respecting the need
for confidentiality for many of those who may participate in our

For our first meeting, the reading will be Qur'anic Hermeneutics and
Women's Liberation, a talk given by Asma Barlas available here: We invite all those
who plan to attend to read the article ahead of time and bring your

In solidarity,
Nadia and Gabriel
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